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Welcome to Kamloops Dragon Boat Festival!

9 Jan, 2016 / 0

The races will be officiated by Elemental Race Management and governed by the Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival Society Rules and Regulations. Please see:


DUE TO WATER CONDITIONS ALL 200M races will now be 300M races.

Directions to the Venue

If you are arriving from the South on the Coquihalla, take exit # 369. This will take you to Columbia St. Continue on Columbia St down the hill until you come to the hospital, which is at the intersection of 3rd Avenue and Columbia. Turn left on 3rd Avenue and drive down 3rd Avenue until you come to the yellow pedestrian railway overpass. Drive under the overpass and this will take you to Riverside Park.

If you are arriving from the East on the Trans Canada Highway, take exit # 375. Stay right when you come to the first fork in the road and this will put you on Victoria Street. Continue on Victoria Street until you come to a 2nd fork in the road. Stay right and this will put you on Lansdowne Street. Drive down Lansdowne until you come to 3rd Avenue and Lansdowne. At this intersection you will see the yellow pedestrian railway overpass. Turn right on 3rd Avenue and drive under the overpass. This will take you to Riverside Park

Registration and Check-In

Teams can register at Riverside Park starting at 7:30 am Saturday. Please bring your completed waiver form. Registration is located at the paddlers village near the Concession building.

Parking and Transportation

Parking at the venue will be extremely limited. There is paid parking available on a first come – first serve basis at the parking lot located on the east side of the park beside the Interior Saving Coliseum. The Coliseum is at the foot of the yellow pedestrian railway overpass bridge. There are other paid parking areas nearby.

Teams will be able to drive a vehicle down a service road to the paddlers’ village to drop off equipment.

Venue/Paddlers’ Village

The venue is at Riverside Park, which is on the Thompson River in downtown Kamloops. The Village will be in a grassy area in the east side of Riverside Park. The area will be delineated and available for tent set-up on Saturday morning. We will have volunteers available to direct and assist you. An aerial map of the park and tent village can be seen on our website.

A map showing the location of the Riverside Park venue is also available on our website.

Race Times

There will be a steerspersons’ meeting at 8:15 am Saturday on the beach by the concession. Races will commence at 9 am and run until approximately 4 pm. The Optional Seniors challenge race and 1000 metre “Loops’’ endurance race will begin on completion of the regular races


There will be one 300 metre race and three 500 metre races. Placement in the first 500 metre heat will be determined by the results from the 300 metre. There will be 3 boats in each heat.

Following the regular races will be an option “Seniors” challenge race and then a 1000 metre endurance race. These are optional races and do not go towards final standings. See below for further information

The Race Grid

The race grid will be prepared by G2G Race Management and posted on our website later this week.

Race Course

The race course will be on the Thompson River, running downstream from east to west.

A copy of the race course is available on our website.


The boats used will be D2 boats supplied by the Kamloops Dragon Boat Club.


The results will be recorded by G2G Race Management. They will be announced at the end of the race, and posted on the results board and our website.


Medals will be awarded to the top 3 boats in the Mixed and Women’s Categories (to be presented immediately following each division’s final race by the concession area).

There will be a special prize for the Senior’s Challenge race, although we haven’t fixed the wager the teams will place on this race!

There also will be a special prize for the team winning the Loops race.

Seniors’ Challenge Race

This will be held at the end of formal races. It will not go towards the final standings. The Kamloops Seniors Extreme Currents have challenged Kelowna’s Lift What’s Draggin’. This will be a warm-up for the 55+ Games.

We want to show you youngsters what we are capable of doing!

Other senior boats are welcome to join us. If senior paddlers wish to join up with other paddlers we will put together composite boats. Crews and individual paddlers can contact Phil Maher (supra88@shaw.ca or 250-371-1860) if you wish to participate in this race.

“The Loops” 1000 metre Challenge Race

“The Loops’’, a 1000 metre endurance race, will be held after the Senior’s Challenge. Again, this race will not count towards award standings but will be an interesting and challenging experience!

The race course will start downstream at the course finish line, go upstream and then proceed in the shape of a rectangle in front of the park for two laps. This will test your steering skills!

If only some of your crew members want to participate we will try to organize composite crews from members of various teams. Interested teams and paddlers please contact Phil Maher.


The Paddlers village is located near high traffic areas of the park. There will be limited security so please guard your valuables carefully.

There will be tote cases available at the marshalling area to store your valuables while you are racing.

First Aid

St. John First Aid attendants will be available on site.

Food Concessions/Restaurants/Beer Garden

There will be food available on site. Ribfest will be held in Riverside Park the same day as the festival. Ribfest will have food, beverages and a beer garden available. There also will be a park concession open in the morning when teams first arrive at the park.

Drinking water will be available at various locations around the venue. Please bring re-fillable drinking bottles.

Additional Events

The Kamloops Daybreak Rotary Ribfest, which includes BBQ food, a beer garden and music, will be held at Riverside Park on the same day as the festival. The “Hot Night in the City” car show will be held on the August 8th weekend. There will be “Music in the Park”. In other words, there will be a number of exciting events at Riverside Park during the dragon boat festival!